Shape Up - Base Camp

The first step of shaping is setting boundaries on what we’re trying to do.

Whether we’re chomping at the bit or reluctant to dive in, it helps to explicitly define how much of our time and attention the subject deserves.

This principle, called “fixed time, variable scope,” is key to successfully defining and shipping projects.

n appetite is completely different from an estimate. Estimates start with a design and end with a number. Appetites start with a number and end with a design. We use the appetite as a creative constraint on the design process.

We call this the appetite. You can think of the appetite as a time budget for a standard team size. We usually set the appetite in two sizes:

Small Batch: This is a project that a team of one designer and one or two programmers can build in one or two weeks. We batch these together into a six week cycle (more on that later). Big Batch: This project takes the same-size team a full six-weeks.

First - prescribe how much time you want to spend solving the issue, and define the issue/scope of the issue.