Get My Boat Product Application

About me

I grew up sailing optimists, moved on to racing lasers, and then joined my college sailing team to race double handed boats. I can deeply empathize with the users of GetMyBoat as I don't currently own a boat, but frequently want to get out on the water.

Professionally, I've worked in product for ~4 years, most recently at NBC News Digital. To learn more, check out my resume and the main site.


Why I'm a great fit for this role

Apart from being an avid boater, I also have experience with everything outlined in the job description.

Expertise in multi-platform user experience review. (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)


At AMC Networks, I managed the development of our web, iOS and Android streaming video on demand apps.


At NBC, I managed the development of our web properties ( and

2+ years experience in UX / QA / PM or related role.


I have around four years of experience as a consumer facing product manager.

Education / training in product experience, design, engineering or software development. (Bachelor+ degree preferred)


I have a bachelors in economics, masters in international business, and I attended The Flatiron School for web development.


In addition to my formal education, I have read extensively about product development. You can check out what I've been reading here.

Experience working with software development teams in an Agile environment.


I have managed multiple agile development teams at once and have written about the type of thinking required for Agile teams to be successful.

Experience using GitHub to provide feedback and log issues for developers.


I have experience working with tools like Github, Trello, Jira, Asana, etc.

Skills in data manipulation, reporting techniques and technologies.


I have experience with product analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel and I can write SQL queries.

The GetMyBoat opportunity

We've seen services like AirBnB and Turo grow into giants. As I'm sure you'd agree, GetMyBoat is poised to do the same. You're solving a real problem for boat owners and boat enthusiasts alike.

As COVID begins to become less of an issue, it's fair to assume that many people will be making up for lost travel time this summer and boat rentals will be in high demand. You're up against some stiff competition;,, and others are all trying to gain market share. How will GetMyBoat win this battle?

As a low-frequency marketplace, I'd assume you have high-level metrics split between boat renters and boat providers that track the following behaviors:

  • User acquisition efficiency - get a new user to create an account
  • First time usage - get a new user to complete a successful booking
  • Repeat usage - get users to come back for future bookings

Without the full context of how you got to where you are today, it's impossible to speak definitively here. However, if I were on the product team I'd consider looking into the following product enhancements:

  • Google/Facebook/Apple account signup - We see it all over the internet (including AirBnB) because it's proven to help reduce signup friction and get more users in the door.
  • Referral program - Obviously not a simple thing to build, but programs like these have proven to help lower user acquisition costs and drive organic growth.

Work examples


While at NBC News digital I launched MSNBC Daily, the first text-based content on MSNBC. By launching this new experience/medium on MSNBC we saw a 13% increase in MSNBC monthly active users and an 8% improvement in visitor retention.


Shudder FireTV and iOS apps

While at AMC Networks I lead the development of our first FireTV and AndroidTV SVOD apps. FireTV became our #1 streaming platform just 3 months after launching.

I also was responsible for overseeing an overhaul of the iOS signup experience. It resulted in a 16% improvement in conversion rate.

GetMyBoat Bug Report

Taken March 10, 2:34 pm ET on macOS 11.0.1/Chrome 88.0.4324.146